Yeah, I’m Still Doing NaNoWriMo

I’m not doing well, but I’m doing it. I’m at 9,000 words right now. I’m supposed to be at about 18k, but I knew I wasn’t going to get to 50k in a month. What’s really important, though, is that I haven’t started hating what I’ve written. Actually, I kind of like it. So I thought I’d put up another excerpt from The Sleepless Ones.

Acantha was sick of lying down, so she got up. Her legs were still a little weak, but she made it over to the window without much trouble. Outside, she saw only wilderness. She couldn’t guess where they were. Hannah had lived with Acantha’s family so long; she probably didn’t have a house of her own.

Acantha leaned forward, pressing her forehead to the cool glass. Evalesca had told her to think about what she wanted to do next, so she thought about her options. The most obvious choice was to stay with the nomads and develop her long unused powers. Or she could leave them, start a new life in a small town. Acantha didn’t have many skills, but surely she could find herself a job. She could even develop her powers without the nomads’ help and charge people for a glimpse into their future. There weren’t many seers, and Acantha’s powers, if the nomads were right, were unparalleled. At first, she’d travel to villages and cities, to work up a reputation, but after she’d awed enough people, maybe people would begin to come to her.

Acantha smiled at her little fantasy. She’d hardly gone a day of her life without being waited on. She couldn’t make it on her own.

She closed her eyes and sighed. What she really wanted was to return to the life she’d always known. No matter what Hannah had said, Acantha knew she wasn’t strong enough, and she never would be. Whatever lay ahead of her, it was bigger than anything she’d ever experienced. Her life was a series of petty rivalries with other girls and endless flirtations with boys. Just hours before Hannah had woken her and handed her off to Eri, Acantha had been sitting with her best friend, talking snidely about another girl.

Had her parents been dead by then? Or were they still running, trying to escape whatever had been pursuing them?

Acantha felt a surge of sudden, blinding anger. Her parents had known, and they had done nothing to prepare her for this. Her mother was sorry—but she was a fool for trying, for so many years, to see what Acantha had seen. Her parents’ deaths meant nothing. Evalesca and the others probably thought it was noble, how Acantha’s mother and father had died trying to protect Acantha. But it was a waste. All they’d done was make Acantha helpless.

She wanted to find one of the others so that she could give voice to these thoughts, but she didn’t move away from the window.

Later, she would go to Evalesca and tell her that she’d decided to stay with them. She would work on her powers. Perhaps she would uncover the truth, as Evalesca hoped. Or perhaps there was no truth to uncover. It didn’t matter, and Acantha was tired of thinking about it.


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