A Bit of Inspiration

Untitled by ¤Annie¤
Untitled, a photo by ¤Annie¤ on Flickr.

I’m the kind of person who has a lot of trouble visualizing people’s faces. Five minutes after I’ve met you, I’ve completely forgotten your face. So I tend to go to photographs and paintings to develop my mental pictures of characters. I spend a fair amount of time on flickr, especially the portrait groups. You have to sift through a lot of photographs that aren’t so great, but you’ll usually find some gems.

I love photographs that capture a moment, in addition to capturing a person. This photograph fascinates me; it’s so moody and interesting. I could build a story around this picture. What is this woman thinking about? What happened just before she sat down on this couch?

There’s no real point to this entry, just wanted to share this photograph.


One thought on “A Bit of Inspiration

  1. I completely agree. The magic caught in the mood, light and moment are what really great photographers seem to capture. This is a perfect example of where photography really becomes art. Just enough is captured and the rest is left to the imagination. Thank you for sharing this.

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