Lucky April 2013, The Woman on the Page

Lucky magazine advertises itself as “the magazine about shopping,” so I was concerned, just from looking at the cover, that the magazine wouldn’t have much content to examine. The cover talks about wardrobe basics, sexy hair, losing weight, and bags. Flipping through Lucky, I didn’t even spot any articles.

Lucky is pretty straightforward in its focus: clothing and beauty. There are features on how to wear oxfords, work outfits, shapewear, and bangs. It’s something that interests me as someone who enjoys clothing, but doesn’t really appeal to me for this project.

The only article in Lucky is about the covergirl, Julie Bowen. The article opens with Bowen pretending to zap the age spots off the writer’s face. Bowen talks about her insecurities over her appearance, her acting career, and her personal style.

Overall, there’s just not much to Lucky. It sells itself as a magazine about shopping, and it delivers on that promise.


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